The New Mercantile District is an area of Dunwall, first introduced in Dishonored: The Corroded Man.


Originally, the district was a small town separated by the old city walls, northwest of the Estate District.[1] It was populated by merchants, bankers, and rich old middle-class families, most originating from Morley. Wishing to stay independent from Dunwall's aristocracy, they plied their trades and made their fortunes while staying outside the capital. This, however, did not keep the rat plague from reaching the town, and whoever survived shipped out of Dunwall when the Lord Regent came to power. Those families fled to Potterstead, Baleton, and mostly Arran, leaving behind houses abandoned for years.[2][3]

A decade later, the town was integrated into Dunwall through the city's expansion plans, with the houses having been bought by a developer. The previous inhabitants did not come back, and only a cemetery remains as testimony of their presence. By 1851, the houses have yet to be repaired and restored and so the district remains deserted.[1]


The district is mostly residential, with large houses pressed against each other and narrowed alleyways. It can be accessed through a broad avenue starting from the Clocktower. At its heart is an overgrown garden cemetery hundred yards long, delimited by rails and a gate. It is both a place of reflection and relaxation, with its pergolas and ornate benches, but also of remembrance, featuring several tombstones in rows.[4] On the 8th Day, Month of Darkness, 1851, a number of the graves were exhumed and the bodies stolen.[2]


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