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Naria, the Brigmore Witch scout.

"This is the second time now. I see something or someone out of the corner of my eye, but when I turn... they're gone. Someone is watching us."
—Thomas, reporting to Daud at the Drapers Ward Riverfront.

Naria is a minor character featured in the Dishonored DLC, The Brigmore Witches. She appears during the mission The Dead Eels.


Sometime prior to the events of The Brigmore Witches, Naria joined the coven known as the Brigmore Witches, led by Delilah Copperspoon. During this period, she gained the powers of a Brigmore Witch, including Blink.

She also developed extraordinary stealth skills. She used these abilities as a scout to spy on various enemies of her coven.

While the details of her life before joining the coven are unknown, Naria was apparently of a high enough station that she was able to associate with the likes of both Thalia Timsh and Waverly Boyle. She attended the seance with Waverly, Thalia, and Arnold Timsh during which Delilah appeared.

The Brigmore Witches[]

Shortly before Daud's arrival at Drapers Ward, Delilah sought to have the gangs known as the Dead Eels and the Hatters war against each other. It was her hope that the chaos would occupy Daud's time, making him unable to come after her at the Brigmore Manor.

To this end, Delilah dispatched a small group of her more powerful witches to the area, sending Naria to the Drapers Ward Riverfront. Her job was to observe the Dead Eels and their ship, the Undine, and alert her sisters to any important events, such as Lizzy Stride resuming command.


  • Naria seems extremely adept at being a scout and spy. She can instantly blink away whenever she is espied, sensing one's gaze even from afar with her sight focused in another direction.
    • Dead Eels can be heard conversing about having a creepy feeling of being watched and then spotting her before she vanishes.
    • Naria is skilled enough at blinking that even Thomas admits to having difficulty spotting her.
  • The other Brigmore Witches seem to have mixed feelings about her.
    • The leader of the ambush on the Undine shows concern for Naria when she is not present and warns that Daud is no fool, and can spot stragglers.
    • Others show disdain for her, saying she is hunting for glory, kissing up to Delilah, or playing games. Some even suggest Naria still thinks she is at the Boyle Mansion seance.
  • If Naria is neutralized, a special action 'Dealt With the Brigmore Witch Scout' will appear on the end-mission page.
  • On the rooftop next to her lies a corrupted bone charm.