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Dead worker up in alcove with rune.

Mysterious Object is a written note found in The Knife of Dunwall.



This thing was found in the belly of catch number 184 when we were processing it. I've seen plenty of weird things in a whale's gut, but never one of these. Must have consumed it in the deep, and I think it's been in there quite a while. Don't ask me how I can tell. If you have any ideas on what this may be, please inform me.

One of these was recovered back in the Month of Wind, but I haven't seen it, or the man that found it, since then.



The note can be located next to a rune on the left of the whale oil collecting room in the Rothwild Slaughterhouse during the mission A Captain of Industry.


  • In the Rothwild Slaughterhouse, the missing worker can be found dead in a high alcove next to a note and a rune.