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Ivan Jacobi.

My Family's Bones is a book found in Death of the Outsider.


[Excerpt from an unfinished memoir written by Ivan Jacobi]

My grandfather had always disliked my Tyvian mother, and my mother regarded her father-in-law with the cold contempt with which she regarded everything. But when I was born, he recognized instantly that we were alike. We shared a similar countenance and a hereditary near-sightedness, which my siblings lacked. Together, we were of a line which had lived in Serkonos since before the Empire.

When my late father's debts became too great and our holdings too slim, my grandfather retreated into our last parcel of land: our family crypt. My mother, fearing the sort of man I would become were I raised amongst the dead, moved us to an apartment in Upper Cyria.

But I returned often to that dusty mausoleum. The crypts extended into the earth that was my birthright. My grandfather, as obstinate as I, slept beside them. In time, I knew each skull and story. When they lacked names, I named them. When they lacked histories, I invented them.

And then our crypt, deemed 'disused' by and uncaring administration was seized. My family's bones were dug up and discarded. My grandfather, who had made his name amongst the dead, was made homeless, and perished shortly after.

I will carry this tragedy with me forever.


This book can be found with the collection of books behind Ivan Jacobi's desk in his office during the mission Follow the Ink.