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Oraculum 3

Effigy of a sister of the Oracular Order.

My Effigies of the Oracular Sisters is a book found in Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider.


4th Day
It's been difficult to create effigies of the Oracular Sisters. They keep to themselves, rarely venturing outside. Impossible to get the hair and nail clippings I need.

But I have an idea. If the Sisters are linked even beyond death, then I can use the bones of their dead, dug from an Abbey graveyard, to attune the Oraculum to the minds of living Sisters.

12th Day
It's done. Adolfina and several others brought back a wagon full of coffins. I'll start on new effigies at once.

19th Day
Still only faint voices. Nothing near the connection required to give them dreams. I must adjust the lenses, refine the effigies, sleep with their skulls beneath my blankets for a few nights more. Perhaps integrate the scarves they use to cover their eyes.

21st Day
Delilah is anxious about my progress, and yet there's not much to tell. I was able to interrupt several Oracular Sisters in conversation, leaving them momentarily at a loss for words. I'm confident that soon enough I'll be able to make them say whatever I wish. Then I'll have news for my Empress in Dunwall.

23rd Day
At last! I held one of the Sisters in a trance-like state for an hour. Delilah was ecstatic. Soon we will control the Oracular Order.