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Mutcherhaven 01

The Mutcherhaven District overlooking the Brigmore Estate.

The Mutcherhaven District is an area of Dunwall outside the city walls proper[1] near the Wrenhaven River. Several aristocratic estates, such as Brigmore Manor and Inchmouth Manor, are located here. It was first introduced in The Brigmore Witches and featured in Dishonored: The Corroded Man.


The Mutcherhaven District used to be the main residential area for the aristocracy of Dunwall, far away from the city. Over time though, these families moved to the Estate District, leaving Mutcherhaven mostly abandoned.[2] Some residents like the Parliamentarian Whimmsley Inchmouth, enjoy this isolation.

The district is located far north past the city walls which served as quarantine blockades during the Rat Plague. As such, the district was hard to reach during that time through regular means due to the presence of the City Watch and Wrenhaven River Patrol. Like the New Mercantile District, it consists of several houses and estates distant from the main city. The district proper sits on a hill overlooking the Wrenhaven River, although the Brigmore Estate is at river level.

Brigmore Manor is situated between cliffs south-east from Mutcherhaven. A bridge connects the district to the east cliffs overgrown with a forest from which a stream flows down into the estate's garden. The Brigmore Estate has been abandoned since the Whale Oil boom in the early 19th century. It was bought back by Dunwall entrepreneur Azariah Fillmore to be renovated circa 1851. A wooden passageway used to go up the cliff to connect with the rest of Mutcherhaven.



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