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Musical Healing Session is an audiograph found in Death of the Outsider.


Good evening, my dear. Ready for your treatment? Now, now. No tears. You know how important these sessions are for finding a cure.

Tonight, I'm going to play the music in short intervals and then ask you a few simple questions. That's easy enough, isn't it? Shh. Shh. Relax. Let me adjust the straps a bit so you can turn your head. I know these chairs aren't the most comfortable, but...well. Let's get started.

[The witch whimpers and screams.]

There. That wasn't so bad, was it? Ah, let me wipe that blood from your mouth. There. Now, tell me: Where does it hurt when I play the music? Behind your eyes? In your stomach?

Come now. You won't answer a simple question? I want to make your pain end, can't you see that? But you have to help me.

Fine. If you won't describe your pain, tell me how you started on this path of corruption. When did you first notice the Outsider's corrosive touch? What blasphemies did he whisper to you in the darkness of your heart?What does his corruption feel like as it seeps through you, staining your mind and dragging you down into filth and heresy?

Very well. Let's try it again, shall we? For a little longer this time.

[The witch screams: No, no, no, no!"]


This audiograph can be found in the archive of the Royal Conservatory during the mission The Stolen Archive.