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Musical Healing Manual is a written note found in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.


[Excerpt from Musical Healing Manual]


Secure heretics in the chair with the supplied leather straps. Patients will employ desperate measures to escape the healing music. The Lying Tongue will implore your pity, twisting like a serpent into your gentle heart. Silence pleas with a soft cloth as needed.


Their Wanton Flesh will beckon to you as it writhes. Half-lidded eyes will promise release for release, a carnal exchange of flesh for freedom. Resist, brothers! Harden your thoughts and turn away. The ancient music is the only cure for these lost creatures. Their redemption is your duty.


Despite our best endeavors, many creatures cannot be saved. Their corruption runs too deep to mend. Our task then is to dispose of their wasted flesh left. Transport bodies to the morgue on the second floor and cleanse them. Remove the stains of heresy and help them find purity in death.


This note can be found near the musical session chairs in the basement of the Royal Conservatory during the mission The Stolen Archive.