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RamseyStone.jpg|Ramsey is turned to stone.
RamseyStone.jpg|Ramsey is turned to stone.
Ramsey animation death.gif|Mortimer Ramsey's death animation (GIF)
Ramsey animation death.gif|Mortimer Ramsey's death animation (GIF)
steb.gif|Emily killing Ramsey (Gif)

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Mortimer Ramsey.

"My father lost it all when I was a boy, so now I wear this uniform and I send twenty-year-olds out to patrol the Rose Gardens instead of drinking with the men from the Shooting Club..."
—Ramsey reveals his motivation to a weakened Emily Kaldwin

Mortimer Ramsey is a character in Dishonored 2 and an officer of the Dunwall City Watch. He allows the Duke of Serkonos, Luca Abele, to enter the throne room with his Grand Guard and Clockwork Soldiers, alongside Delilah Copperspoon. After knocking out Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano, he takes the Signet Ring from them to access the Imperial Safe Room with the intention of stealing the large amount of gold in there. To retrieve the Signet Ring, Ramsey must either be killed or rendered unconscious and locked in the safe room.

It is revealed that his family fell from grace in the past, which contributes to his treachery in the present.


  • Ramsey is voiced by Sam Rockwell.
  • According to Harvey Smith, Ramsey is a relative of Dr. Jack Ramsey.[1]
  • If Ramsey is killed with a sword, a special animation will play. Emily will stab Ramsey on the left side of his torso with her father's sword and is thrown back by Ramsey who pulls the sword out, Emily then grabs his own sword and stabs him on the right side of his torso. Corvo will lock blades with Ramsey, then puts his blade in front of Ramsey's neck and pulls backwards, decapitating Ramsey.
  • If Ramsey is imprisoned in the Safe Room, his petrified body can be found upon the protagonist's return to Dunwall Tower.