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"He works men to death. He need only put pen to paper. Lord Morgan Pendleton."
—The Heart[2]

Lord Morgan Pendleton is a corrupt member of Gristol's Parliament and resides in Dunwall with his twin brother, Custis Pendleton. Elder brothers to Treavor Pendleton, Custis and Morgan share lordship of Pendleton Manor, and control the slave mines by which the Pendleton family (one of the founding families of Dunwall[3]) has made its fortune.

Custis and Morgan sell their votes in Parliament to Hiram Burrows, functioning as a loyal voting block. Their voting power makes them a target of the Loyalist Conspiracy, for when they are eliminated, their Parliamentary votes pass to Treavor Pendleton. They are also responsible for holding Emily Kaldwin prisoner at the Golden Cat bath house.

Morgan can be found in the Golden Cat along with Custis, and is one of the main assassination targets of the mission, House of Pleasure.


  • Morgan is voiced by Zach Hanks, who also voices Custis Pendleton.
  • Morgan is renowned at the Golden Cat for his "unusual requests."[4] The Heart also notes that "he takes cruel pleasure in others' discomfort," so it is possible that these requests are sadistic in nature.[5]
    • In conversation, Betty, a courtesan claims that the Pendletons are not bad customers, as they are "rich and mostly clean."
  • The Heart hints that Morgan and Custis were conjoined twins, saying they were "born joined at the hand [and] a knife severed their physical bond."[6]
  • If Corvo spies on Morgan and his courtesan without being seen, he will witness them discussing politics.
  • If Morgan is eliminated non-lethally, the Bottle Street Gang will cut out his tongue, shave his head, and lock him in one of his own mines.
  • If Corvo possesses a guard and approaches him in the steam room by simply opening the door, Morgan will say, "Well, hello. Another pretty face for the party."
  • Although Morgan Pendleton is first physically encountered in the House of Pleasure mission, an image of him and his brother can be seen when Corvo first enters the Void.
  • As with all other assassination targets, if Corvo Attano decides to murder Morgan with his sword, a special animation plays. In it he will grab Morgan by the throat, and while Morgan pleads for his life Corvo will slice his throat and drop him on the ground. This animation is shared with Arnold Timsh in The Knife of Dunwall.
  • According to Treavor Pendleton's memoirs, Morgan is bigger than Custis by "a slight bit".
  • Similarly to Custis, if Corvo is in an area Morgan can't reach he will throw unlimited debris at Corvo.