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An escaped prisoner runs near the Arc Pylon in Coldridge Prison.

Modern Incarceration Technology is a book found in The Brigmore Witches.


[Excerpt from a presentation at the onset of the Plague]

Once again I have been called to solve the problems of the dismal past. And once again I have delivered the solutions required by our present situation. As with all my work, it is simply that a mind capable of understanding their potential is required.

For the benefit of the Lord Regent, and to the detriment of those incarcerated in Coldridge Prison with an aptitude for escape, I have recently adapted one of my inventions for deployment in that dank and depressing place.

The potential function of these devices at the prison should now be clear to all, following the latest round of testing. With the associated power complications resolved, I have therefore recommended a stage two implementation, starting at once.

The first stage involves a recent device, simple to deploy, designed to stun the escaping prisoner. The second is a more powerful deterrent, the lethal and increasingly popular Arc Pylon. In combination, properly applied, these devices will make Coldridge Prison inescapable.


It can be found at Coldridge Prison in cell A25.