Mine Collapses – Numerous Casualties is a newspaper article found in Dishonored 2.


A representative from the Miners' Family Committee reports that another silver mine has partially collapsed, leaving eight miners injured, and killing twelve. The Committee maintains that the Duke's unrealistic production goals were the true culprit, citing the overlong shifts that have been in practice since mine owner Aramis Stilton disappeared.

The mines are now managed directly by the Grand Palace until such a time as Stilton returns, or until a new director can be found. However, the Grand Palace's official statement blamed the collapse on human error and threatened to arrest anyone found guilty of "demoralizing the people of Karnaca."

We, at the Karnaca Gazette, certainly support the effort to maintain Serkonos unity. Our thoughts go to the families of those injured or killed.


This newspaper article can be found in multiple locations in Dishonored 2:

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