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Concept art of Mindy Blanchard.

"She goes after the rich ones who cry and faint at the first sign of trouble. She can’t wait to take their pocket watches, jewels, and pride. Resents them for their easy lives."
—The Heart[1]

Mindy Blanchard is a character in Dishonored 2. She is a member of the Howlers Gang and adjutant underboss to their leader, Paolo.


Mindy was born in northern Morley, and like many of her countrymen, she has a finely honed talent for art.[2] She is a tattoo artist,[3] who owns the tattoo studio Mindy's Ink in the Dust District, and uses squid ink, oxrush flowers, and orchids as ingredients for her inks.

At some point, Mindy saw the Mark of the Outsider on a strange, desiccated hand that Paolo possessed. Although not knowing the true meaning of the mark, she understood that this is what gave Paolo his strange ability. Obsessed with this power, she had been trying to use whale blood and grease in order to recreate the Mark.[2]

Dishonored 2[]

During the mission Edge of the World, she can be found near the black market shop at Campo Seta Dockyards. When approached, she tasks the protagonist with recovering the corpse of Amadeo Monte for her, promising her assistance in reaching the Addermire Institute in return. If the corpse is delivered to Blanchard at a nearby dentist office, it is revealed that Mindy dug a grave for the corpse. After burying the man, Mindy makes good on her promise and tells the protagonist that she deactivated the electricity of the nearby railway, allowing the protagonist to reach Addermire Station by walking over the rails.

It is possible to encounter Mindy at the Crone's Hands Saloon in the Dust District if she is not killed during the mission Edge of the World. If the protagonist brings Byrne over to the saloon, she will offer to tattoo them. At this point, if Emily/Corvo refused the Outsider's Mark, they will decline by saying "I've managed to avoid strange marks on my skin so far"/"No, it took long enough for the last one to fade".


  • Mindy Blanchard is voiced by Betsy Moore.
  • The achievement Morbid Theft is obtained after Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin steals Monte's corpse for Blanchard.
  • During the mission Dust District, the protagonist can enter a silvergraph studio in which numerous silvergraph images of Mindy can be found. A note in the store states that Mindy has come multiple times to have silvergraph images taken and that she will not be allowed to take further images until she pays.
  • Mindy is transgender.[4][2]
  • Mindy has a connection to one of the civilians a man named Trevor in the manor of Aramis Stilton. Trevor has a letter with him, implying that he might have been her husband or boyfriend before she discovered her true self and joined the Howlers.
    • Despite her apparent disdain for the timidity displayed by Trevor, Mindy seemed to have genuine feelings for him. Even though she berates him in her goodbye letter, she leaves the door open for him to join the Howlers, hinting at a possibility of their reconciliation if he does so.
  • It is revealed in Mindy's diary that, when she was young, she threw a boy off of a water tower.
  • If Mindy is killed, her wanted posters scattered around Karnaca will be crossed out with a large, red X.
  • Mindy seems to have an interest in obtaining supernatural powers; she is obsessed with tattoos, and several documents found in-game suggest that she has heard much about Paolo's abilities and seeks to gain similar ones.
  • If Mindy is killed, in the note Paolo's Concern the gang leader addresses someone named Bernard instead of her.
  • If Amadeo's corpse is brought to her before she asks to do it, she makes a comment about the fugitive being 'an odd one to walk around with a dead body and then asks to bring it to the usual place.