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"I told you my friend, I told you, I had heard of such things, but to find one here—here!—of all places. It’s amazing. Truly amazing."
—Milosch, to Zhukov, on finding an Outsider's shrine[1]

Milosch is a minor character in Dishonored: The Corroded Man. He is a long-serving inmate at the Utyrka salt mine.


He is of a similar age to Zhukov, if not slightly older. There is little description regarding his appearance, although, notably he shares great levels of endurance and a physical prowess, similar to Zhukov. This is evident as Milosch had arrived at the Utyrka salt mine a few months after Zhukov, after a few months more, he and Zhukov were the only two of the original mining gang left. They worked together for many years,[2] and had both been at Utyrka for over a decade.

His crimes are not documented and in keeping with the ethos of the camp, Zhukov never asks. Utyrka, however, is renowned as the hardest of the labour camps, the destination of the worst, the hardest, criminals. This includes mass-murderers and serial killers, some of whom, it was said, were cannibals;[3] it is assumed his crimes are equally serious in nature.

Dishonored: The Corroded Man[]

Milosch and Zhukov formed something of a friendship or a kinship during their stay at Utyrka; there is a mutual level of trust between them, with Milosch referring to Zhukov as a 'friend' on several occasions.

During the events of The Corroded Man Milosch discovers a small man-made tunnel at the back of a large cavern which leads to an Outsider’s shrine. Milosch guides Zhukov through the tunnel, both as a means of escape and of showing him the shrine.

The discovery of the shrine also leads to the discovery of the double-pronged knife which triggers Zhukov’s desire to create his corroded bone charms. Zhukov experiences whispers from the Void and flashbacks from a previous age which result in him plunging the knife into Milosch’s stomach. The events conclude with Milosch’s dying eyes staring up at Zhukov, his mouth open in an expression of surprise and of fright.[4]


  • It is presumed and alluded to that Milosch’s corpse was salvaged for his bones in order for Zhukov to create his first corroded bone charm.
  • A paragraph from the fiction Call to the Spheres introduces the events involving Milosch. The story is analogous to the events which take place in Utyrka; both involving a distinct change in character, murder and betrayal, as a result of occult or supernatural influences.