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Milo Ridpath.

Milo Ridpath is the name of a character first introduced in the first issue of Dishonored: The Wyrmwood Deceit. He is a young boy who appears to be living as an urchin on the streets of Dunwall.

The Wyrmwood Deceit[]

Issue 1[]

Milo is found captured by the Roaring Boys Gang during Corvo Attano's investigation of contraband weapons being shipped out of the Old Port District. He is freed by Corvo and seems to bear strikingly familiar features. Martha Cottings and members of the City Watch show up throwing the combatants into disarray. During this time, Milo escapes Corvo's grasp but drops a necklace which contains a picture of Beatrici Attano, whom the boy resembles.

Issue 2[]

Corvo searches for the boy, which lead him to a trap laid by Broken Tom at the old Berrington Ironworks. Unconscious, he is dragged out of the Wrenhaven River by Milo.

Issue 3[]

Milo and Corvo hide in a shack over the river as the the Roaring Boys and Broken Tom look for them. They soon flee to the sewers, where Milo uses Sokolov's Elixir on Corvo. As he begins to heal, the boy reveals that his name is Milo Ridpath and his mother is Beatrici. He informs him that Beatrici had sailed the Empire and may have returned to Karnaca long after the time Corvo had already left to Dunwall. At some point, he and his mother were taken captive and moved from one place to the next, to be use against the Royal Protector, but Milo managed to escape.