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This page lists Quotes muttered by various characters who are under the influence of Mesmerize in Dishonored 2.


  • "Oh, but I wish [he] would choke on the fish tonight. And wind up in this cold dark place, alone forever. He deserves worse."
  • "This feels. Familiar. Like when Delilah lived here in the Palace, with those other women, her cult. They did things that made me feel like this."
  • "I just can't stop staring at this. There's a sound. Almost a wishper, coming from somewhere far away."
  • "No, no, that's not my name. I will never forget who I am. My face is not his face, my voice is not his voice. No one will remember me."

Breanna Ashworth[]

  • "Back to the Void with you."
  • "Impressive, but it won't work on me."
  • "I banish you! Back to the great nothing."
  • "I can't be mesmerized like some weak-willed fool."

The Crown Killer[]

  • "I sense an Ocean of blood and a black sky. But I have more pressing matters."
  • "Why would I listen to those sweet whispers from beyond?"
  • "What is this ugly thing and how is it here?"
  • "No, I won't heed you. My mind is altogether different."
  • "If I gave myself over to this, I'd lost, lost, in a dark place, gnawing bones."

Kirin Jindosh[]

  • "So Cold. Perhaps it possesses none of the usual energies of the cosmos. Or maybe the most fundemental."
  • "What is this?! Marvelous. It has the sheen of something ancient, beyond time. Like something that should not exist."
  • "I find myself losing track of the days thoughts. Unlike me. Whatever this thing is, it's much more interesting than my work. I can hardly believe it."
  • "How curious, this is more than an object. It's a process, that picks at very old scabs. Hated by my own mother. Raised by my bastard brother. Banned for life from the Academy."

Liam Byrne[]

Luca Abele[]

  • "You're from - over there..."
  • "Don't - don't look at me..."
  • "Yes... yes... of course."
  • "It's so cold... so many years... I just couldn't..."
  • "Let me go... please..."
  • "It's you, isn't it?"
  • "You know I'd be - nothing, without her..."
  • "Ooh... did she send you?..."


  • "I don't remember what I was doing. Doesn't matter anymore. Yeah, I hear you, Granny."
  • "I can feel the old crone's hand, it's so cold."
  • "So cold, so strange, but I want to touch it."
  • "This reminds me of something, something I lost maybe."
  • "Reminds of of the old lady's hand somehow."


  • "Oh, this seems interesting..."
  • "What is this, then?"
  • "Beautiful."
  • "Oh, look at that..."
  • "I've seen you in my dreams."
  • "Such beauty..."
  • "Oh, I know what this is. It's a piece of the night-black Void."
  • "Let me closer. Let me feel it."
  • "I can feel its attraction."
  • "I can see you too."
  • "Yes, talk to me."


  • "Hey, I've been waiting for you."
  • "What in the Void?!"
  • "Wait -"
  • "I feel so empty right now."
  • "Am I seeing things?!"
  • "You didn't go anywhere after all."
  • "It's saying something."
  • "I'm ashamed. Just looking at it, I'm ashamed."
  • "There's something comforting about this."
  • "Like it's looking right inside me."
  • "Do you see me?"
  • "There you are."
  • "Are you waiting for me?"
  • "What's that?!"
  • "It looks - familiar somehow."


  • "Huh, I feel dizzy."
  • "I thought I - nevermind."
  • "Huh, I'm so tired."
  • "Can't seem to think straight today."
  • "What was I supposed to be doing?"
  • "What?"
  • "This gave me goosebumps."
  • "Well, that was fun." (Witches only)
  • "That felt nice." (Witches only)