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Meryl Jennett's Address Book are two different written notes found in Death of the Outsider.


First version[]

Marona Delgado
1612 Hibiscus Street
Lower Aventa District

Lord Cesare Guillen
15 Ogelsby Way
Estate District

Lux Tailors
843 Ferella Way
Upper Cyria District

Phillip Manzanares
7334 Noviadad Row
Cyria Gardens

Countess Ana Migel
9 Lujose Plaza
Upper Cyria District

Sanora Day Spa
14 Raqueza Avenue
Upper Cyria District

Second version[]

Entry: Tuesday
Crates of raw silk came today for the bulk garment order. The girls sew fast, but slack off after 12 hours of work. A touch of the cane helps them recover their energy. Molton enjoys encouraging them, but now we’re down 2 workers due to injuries.

Entry: Friday
One of the girls set a fire. Molton thinks she was trying to signal for help, but she almost burned the factory down instead. It was a grisly sight unlocking the doors. Charred bodies everywhere, some still chained to their sewing machines. We lost 6 workers to the fire and another 11 to smoke. We’ll snatch replacements from the docks soon. The garment order went out to Jennet’s Exporting on time.

Entry: Wednesday
After the fire, the Guard’s been asking questions around town. No one’s talked yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Scouting for a new location.

Entry: Monday
Set up shop in an old warehouse by the Santiago Fisheries. 843 Maldonero Road. We move tonight.


These notes can be found on a ledger, on a desk in Dolores Michaels' office in the Dolores Michaels Deposit & Loan Bank during the mission The Bank Job.