Meryl Jennett.

Meryl Jennett is a character in Death of the Outsider. She is a wealthy citizen of Karnaca and wants to obtain a lockbox in the vault of the Dolores Michaels Deposit & Loan Bank.

Death of the Outsider

The same time Billie Lurk breaks into the bank, Jennett has a meeting with the bank manager Dolores Michaels in her office. The two discuss the security mechanisms, as Jennett is afraid that her jewels will not be safe. Michaels assures her that the bank has the best security in the Isles. Jennett wants to hear more about the security measures and Michaels explains to her that they have specially trained guards, electrified floors, a sophisticated passcode system and a vault designed by Kirin Jindosh himself. Inside this vault, private boxes add an extra layer of security.

Content with the security, Jennett is ready to sign. She asks Michaels whether she needs to make a list of every item she wants to deposit but Michaels tells her that this is not necessary and that she only needs to sign some papers.

If Billie activates the button in Michaels' desk, Michaels' hidden safe opens. This interrupts the conversation of the two women and Michaels apologizes and heads to her desk to close the safe again. Jennett dryly replies that while the bank seems to have many secrets, they are not well hidden. If Billie opens the safe again, Michaels apologizes to Jennett and tells her that this is a minor technical fault and that the bank's technology is always maintained to the highest standard. Jennett replies that this remains to be seen.

If Billie activates the safe a third time, an outraged Michaels apologizes once more for the inconvenience and claims that she needs to leave Jennett for a moment as she needs to find the technician. Jennett replies that she is used to entertaining herself and inspects Michaels' office while Michaels is gone. Arriving at an inactive Clockwork Sentintel, Jennett states "I don't like you". After Michaels returns to the office, both women keep walking through the office but do not interact with each other anymore.



  • Jennet can be overheard wondering whether her father would approve of the security in the bank. She then bitterly states that he can rot in the Void.
  • Among the items Jennet wants to store in the vault are her jewels, her address book, the Jennet Family genealogy documents, Wilton's mining shares and the lace of her great aunt Letty.
  • One of the contracts during the mission tasks Billie with copying a page of Jennet's address book without having previously been noticed in the bank. Also, no bank personel can be harmed (including choking out!) if the contract is to succeed.
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