Memories of Training is the tutorial of Dishonored 2, set some time between 1837 and 1852. Empress Emily Kaldwin is training her combat and stealth skills in secret with her father Corvo Attano by the Old Waterfront, adjacent to Drapers Ward, which is empty at night.


As Emily Kaldwin, ruler of the Empire of the Isles, you have numerous enemies. Your father is Lord Corvo Attano, infamous Royal Protector and Spymaster. In the years since you took the throne, Corvo has spent many hours training you in the arts of stealth and combat.

Mission Details

Mobility Training

Emily's training starts by the riverside and follows empty canals, where Corvo awaits her. There, she has to run and crouch to pass a few obstacles, some timed by her father, and then reach ground level. She has to swim through an aqueduct and under a gate to go to the other side of the canal, then climb a chain to jump on rooftops. She meets with Corvo past jumps over narrow alleys.

Stealth Training

The next phase of Emily's training takes place in the yard of a fishery. First, she has to sneak up on Corvo and choke him without him noticing her. Then, she needs to steal the key to the side alley from his belt and unlock the gate without him spotting her.

Crossbow Training

For this part, Corvo has displayed several targets inside the warehouse of a distillery for Emily to practice her crossbow aiming. He has left his crossbow as well as a crate of steel bolts, and arranged several targets with bottles, buckets, and a mannequin. To progress further, Emily needs to shoot the pipe holding a weight to knock down the warehouse's door, then enter it.

Sword Training

The last exercise is a sparring session with Corvo inside the distillery. First he asks her to attack him with her sword, then to parry his attacks. Then he asks her to time her parries in order to destabilize him, then replicate to choke him and delivering the final blow. Corvo concludes the training by assuring Emily that she is now prepared for any foe who might strike her down.


  • This mission is also called Dunwall, 1837 — 1852 on its loading screen.
  • The loading screen of the tutorial mission states that the area is east from Drapers Ward. This is currently inaccurate as the city's orientation has been rotated from north to west in the latest map of the city.
  • If the tutorial is played after Emily receives the Mark of the Outsider in the main campaign, the blue mana bar will show up as well as her health bar. Despite this, she cannot access any of her Supernatural Abilities.


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