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"You know I'll protect you, just like we when we were kids."
—Melinda to her friend Beatrix

Melinda is a minor character and Elite Guard serving in the Grand Guard who appears in Dishonored 2. She is encountered in  Cyria Gardens during the events of The Royal Conservatory mission.


Melinda is a childhood friend with a servant named Beatrix. While there does seem to be some genuine affection, Melinda also seems to manipulate Beatrix's feelings for her own ends. Melinda's current plans are selling valuable items such as a silver cigarette case so she and Beatrix can leave Karnaca and start a new life.

Dishonored 2[]

During the time when the Protagonist seeks Breanna Ashworth at the Royal Conservatory, Melinda meets Beatrix on top of a building. After the protagonist bypasses the first Wall of Light, the pair can be spotted on a roof of a building.

If they are not interrupted, the pair will hug and Beatrix tells Melinda that "Enrico said to give you his regards". Melinda indicates she could care less about him and then asks Beatrix about the silver cigarette case. Beatrix mentions that she's not comfortable with stealing and is fearful of losing her job. To this, Melinda questions whether Beatrix wants to stay a servant all her life.

Reassuring her friend, Melinda kneels down and tells her that instead of working as a servant, they can run away together and leave Karnaca behind. Beatrix worries about the consequences and Melinda finally says she will protect her like she did when they were children. The conversation ends with Beatrix telling Melinda that she will think the plan over. After dealing with Beatrix, Melinda leaves the roof and goes about her patrols, checking the buildings in the surrounding area.


  • Depending on the overall level of Chaos thus far, the ending of the conversation between Beatrix and Melinda will end very differently.
    • In Low Chaos the matter between the pair will end peacefully, with Beatrix still on the rooftop and Melinda assuring her that all will be well before going on her patrols.
    • In High Chaos Melinda will lose her patience with Beatrix's apprehension and unless stopped by the protagonist will attack Beatrix and throw the girl off the rooftop of the building, killing her.