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Witch interrogation

Melina strapped down in the Interrogation Room.

First Witch: "But what happened to Melina? Is she...?"
Second Witch: "Don't worry, she made them pay first."
―Two Brigmore witches discussing Melina's fate

Melina is a minor character featured in The Brigmore Witches DLC. She is found during the mission A Stay of Execution for Lizzy.

Her body is discovered in the Interrogation Room at Coldridge Prison. She appears as an odd amalgam of burnt flesh and wood strapped to the interrogation chair. There are persistent wisps of black smoke emanating from beneath the chair as well as motes of light that continuously wink in and out about her form. Strange, low voices can be heard upon approaching her body.

Melina was a loyal member of the coven known as the Brigmore Witches who served under Delilah Copperspoon. She had been tasked with spying upon the environs of Dunwall Tower.

While carrying out her mission she was discovered and captured, after which she was taken to Coldridge Prison. Due to the sounds of the Overseer Music Boxes being played over the prison's loudspeakers, she was unable to effect an escape from the facility.

During her incarceration, the guards at Coldridge decided to interrogate Melina. Seemingly unaware of her powers, they were ill-prepared for the resulting backlash of their actions. Plants and roots erupted from under the stones on the floor. They encompassed the room, rupturing the walls, ceiling, and pipework. As evidenced by the multiple bloodstains and confimed later by a Watch Lower Guard, "None of the guards that went in to question [Melina] came out," but the display cost the captured witch her own life as well.


  • Melina is considered a valued member of the coven, as witches conversing at Brigmore Manor can be heard discussing her fate and are saddened by her loss.
  • The rest of the coven is informed about Melina's fate through a contact in Coldridge Prison. The contact's identity is never revealed.
  • Melina's interrogation can be heard on an audiograph found on a desk.
  • The power that Melina displays in destroying the interrogation room is not used by any other witch found throughout The Brigmore Witches.
  • Though deceased, she is technically the first witch encountered by Daud besides Delilah.
  • It is because of her actions at the prison that Daud can slip in undetected as an Overseer if he purchases the favor.
    • It is also because of her presence that the Overseer Music Box is being broadcast when Daud arrives.
  • An otherworldly voice can be heard faintly near Melina's corpse. Upon closer listening it appears to be repeating a quote by American author Joseph Heller, "When I grow up, I want to be a little boy."