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"It's still not fair, them just taking what was ours, but we appreciate what you're offering."
—Maya to Ramos


Maya is a minor character in Dishonored 2. She and a group of friends smuggle and sell supplies to make enough money to survive month to month.

Dishonored 2[]

Maya and her smuggling companions can be encountered at the Campo Seta Dockyards talking to Ramos, the owner of the boat they used to smuggle supplies. He recently lost a shipment to the Grand Serkonan Guard, and Maya is particularly unhappy about it.

On low chaos, to compensate them for their loss, Ramos offers her group the location of a warehouse with some supplies that were meant to be smuggled to Fraeport but had to be abandoned by the smugglers. Maya's companions convince her that the deal is a good one, and they agree to meet Ramos at the same place tomorrow for him to take them to the warehouse. Afterwards, Maya and her group head up to near the bar and spend the rest of the mission there.

On high chaos, Maya accuses Ramos of making a deal with the Grand Serkonan Guard to increase his profits. Ramos retaliates by accusing the group of being "gutless merchants". The argument eventually descends into violence. Armed with an iron pipe, Ramos easily knocks out Maya's companions, while Maya herself flees.


  • If the protagonist intervenes on high chaos to protect Maya and her group, they all flee.
  • While fleeing, Maya's shouts can cause other civilians to react, while workers on the dock will ignore her.