"No place is safe anymore. I don't understand what's happened to this city."

Mattie is a wealthy aristocrat in Dishonored, present at the Boyles' masquerade party during the mission, Lady Boyle's Last Party. She wears a bizarre mask of a baby's face with its shackled and chained limbs branching out above her head. Corvo can get her invitation after it accidentally blows away.


Upon Corvo's arrival at the main entrance of the Boyle Mansion, Mattie can be found conversing with a group of party guests. She expresses her desire to join the party, insisting that she will catch the plague standing outside, and can be heard suggesting to the group of aristocrats that they make fun of a person named Emma, saying she is probably looking for a handout and that the Boyles are not known for their generosity.  She also mentions that she "would die without gossip."


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