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"If only I could sell dust I'd be rich."
—Martha complaining about the dust storms

Martha is a minor character in Dishonored 2. She works as the shopkeeper of the black market shop in the Dust District.


Martha lives in an apartment in the Dust District just above her shop. She and her husband married in the Month of Rain,[1] but she currently cannot be with her husband, having to look after her brother, a drunkard, and her black market shop. Instead, she lives in the Dust District, afraid of the constant fighting between the Howlers and the Overseers. To cheer herself up, she looks at the silvergraph taken at her wedding, remembering the special day.[2]

Dishonored 2[]

During the mission Dust District, she is at work in her shop. She makes polite small talk with either Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin, commenting on things like the dust storms and how the conflict between the Howlers and the Overseers is scaring off the customers. If the protagonist helped the shopkeeper at Cyria Gardens by retrieving the Roseburrow Prototype for him, she gives the protagonist a 15% discount at her shop, unless a number of shops have been robbed by the protagonist, in which case she comments on how she does not feel too safe any more.