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Malchiodi's Corpse

Malchiodi's corpse in the Void.

Malchiodi's Last Notes is a written note found in Death of the Outsider.


25th, Month of Rain

What I do, I do for the sake of my studies. The risks are great, but it was never in my nature to leave questions unanswered. Everything must be revealed, in time. The others may judge me, but that same desire exists in their own hearts. They are simply too cowardly to pursue it.

The only means to the Ritual Hold lies in pieces, suspended at the moment in which that ancient gate was shattered. I will break the oldest and most sacred dictates of our order by simply approaching it. And the attempt to trespass... I do not know if I will succeed. But I must try. Whatever happens to my body, I know that my research is hidden in a safe place in my cell.

My life has lead to this moment. My wasted youth in the Academy of Natural Philosophy, my time with the Eyeless, my years in this sanctum. And now I may finally uncover the secrets of the ancient language.


This note can be found by Malchiodi's corpse during the mission A Hole in the World.