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Maggot Montaine.

"Who would have thought, Maggot Montaine on a boat in Dunwall. A long way from Karnaca."
—Maggot Montaine

Maggot Montaine is a minor character in The Brigmore Witches DLC for Dishonored. He is found in an alley connecting the Riverfront with Drapers Ward proper during the mission The Dead Eels.

Maggot Montaine is a member of the Dead Eels gang and is stationed as a guard near the Riverfront. He is originally from Karnaca, but has taken to the life of being a Dead Eel.

He initially went along with Edgar Wakefield's usurpation of the gang and the Undine from Lizzy Stride. However, Montaine soon regrets the decision and can be heard lamenting Lizzy's absence. He particularly misses how much Lizzy enjoyed pirating along the river.

Once Lizzy is restored as leader of the Dead Eels, he is in a much better mood, even reminiscing about sailing around Dunwall.


  • While appreciating that Edgar Wakefield is a hard man and fierce leader, Montaine is not fond of the cruel way in which Wakefield treats his victims.
  • Montaine does not owe Lizzy a finger, indicating that Lizzy Stride does not hold him at fault in the conspiracy that led to her capture by the City Watch.