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"It is a risky line of work I'm afraid, but let's not dwell."
—M.V. to Corvo

M.V. is a character in Dishonored 2. He works as the shopkeeper of the black market shop in the Cyria Gardens in Karnaca.


M.V. comes from a well-off family[1]. He, at one point, owned a gallery[2], but now runs a black market shop in Cyria Garden. He tries to acquire the Roseburrow Prototype and contracts a person to steal it from the Royal Conservatory. M.V. has a cousin who managed to acquire the combination to a safe in the bloodflies-infested building in front of the Conservatory. He then put up this combination for sale in his shop. M.V. also keeps a journal in which he recounted encounters with members of the Brigmore Witches. These incidents spooked him, causing concern for his own safety.

Dishonored 2[]

When Corvo or Emily meets him, he asks them to retrieve the Prototype from the Royal Conservatory as the person whom he previously hired for this job has gone missing. If told about the fate of that person he acts coldly, saying that this is a risky line of work. After giving the Prototype to him, M.V. gives a blueprint that allows the protagonist access to the Masterwork upgrades for their crossbow, and a discount at his shop.


  • If the protagonist delivers the Roseburrow Prototype to him, the other shopkeepers such as Martha in Karnaca will give them a 15% discount on gear thereafter.
  • His name is discovered on a note.


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  2. Idle dialogue: "I look forward to the day I can reopen my gallery..."