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Lydia Brooklaine is the former hostess of the Hound Pits Pub, and a member of the Loyalist Conspiracy.


Lydia seems to have had a very colorful personal life. She mentions that she dates "rough" men and that all of her past boyfriends have been to Coldridge Prison. She also was once romantically involved with a sailor, who went to Pandyssia to mine for gold, but after some time his ship was found abandoned.

Lydia is a very forward and blunt woman, which occasionally puts her at odds with her fellow servants, Wallace and Cecelia. She is respectful to the leaders of the Conspiracy, but seems personally neutral toward them. She does mention that Havelock looks "distinguished" in his uniform, and speaks of Treavor Pendleton a few times, once saying that she worries for "the poor man." However, upon entertaining the thought of marrying the noble and becoming "Lady Lydia Pendleton", she says that she would "rather die of the plague."


Lydia is first encountered when Corvo Attano is introduced to the Loyalists after his escape from Coldridge Prison.

Occasionally, Lydia can be found arguing with Wallace over the management of the pub, as well as their special guests, and she often flirts with Corvo. Her comments center around her thoughts about the other Loyalists and anecdotes related to Corvo's missions.

Lydia is killed as a loose end by Havelock when the Loyalists seize power. According to Cecelia, Lydia tells the Admiral to screw himself right before she dies.


  • Lydia is voiced by Susan Cash, who also voices several generic servant characters that appear throughout the game.
  • When Lydia is examined with the Heart, it states generic dialogue lines for servants.
  • Lydia can be startled by Corvo on his first visit to the Hound Pits, if he climbs around to the front of the second story window leading into the servants' quarters.
  • Lydia mentions that she tried to attend services with the Overseers for a while, but that they had "gotten more and more . . . rabid about the Seven Strictures and witchcraft and all that nonsense".
  • Lydia says that she once snuck into a party at the Brimsleys' home, describing it as "very strange."
  • Lydia carries Havelock's Room key on her belt. It can only be pickpocketed during the Dishonored mission before she detects Corvo.
  • Lydia along with Wallace are the only Loyalists that will perish regardless of Chaos and decisions.