"That's true and fine, a wise way to look at things, but it won't help Lucinda rise any higher in Delilah's favor."
—Parmelia about Lucinda

Lucinda is an unseen character mentioned in Dishonored 2 and appears in the novel Dishonored: The Return of Daud. She is one of several witches loyal to Delilah Copperspoon.

Dishonored 2

When Corvo or Emily arrives at the Royal Conservatory during the mission of the same name, they will heard Parmelia and another witch mentioning a witch named Lucinda. Parmelia comments that Lucinda likes any power which is strong and that it will not help her rise any higher in Delilah's favor. It is unclear whether she was present during the protagonist's visit to the Conservatory but canonically she survived the event.

The Return of Daud

Lucinda and Caitlin are ordered by Breanna to spy on Daud. Lucinda powers begins to weaken because Breanna were depowered by the Oraculum. She along with Caitlin sees Daud taking a sword crafted from Tyvian meteorite metal. They also witnesses the fight between The Devlins and Daud. After Billie leaves Daud the following day Lucinda and Caitlin kidnaps a man and sacrifice him and use a lens of the Oraculum to bound their spells to trap Daud in a version of the Clockwork Mansion in his own mind.

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