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Luciano spotting Emily Kaldwin.

"You're a bad woman. I can tell."
—Luciano, as he spots Emily Kaldwin

Luciano is a minor character who appears in Dishonored 2. He is a citizen of Karnaca who lives within the Campo Seta Dockyards area. He has become infected by bloodflies and now exists as a Nest Keeper to defend them.


Luciano lived with his wife Bettina and their children in an apartment building near Canal Square in the Campo Seta Dockyards.

One day in the streets of the city, the amateur entomologist happened upon the corpse of a wolfhound that had been used as a host for bloodfly larvae. Using his skills, he was able to successfully extract the larvae with little effort, and brought the dangerous parasites to his home. He had hoped that the creatures would create a nest and produce blood amber.

Though he tried to be careful and even kept meticulous notes of the experiment, his safeguards were not enough, and the creatures escaped, stinging him, and then spread quickly throughout the building. His neighbors panicked and boarded him up with the growing nests of the creatures.

Bettina, his loyal wife, sent their children away to live with her mother, then forced her way back into the apartment to be by his side.[1]

Dishonored 2[]

By the time Meagan Foster brings the protagonist to Karnaca to find the Crown Killer, Luciano has fully morphed into a Nest Keeper and defends the original nest of the bloodflies who have infested the apartment complex.