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"Did you think I was born a courtesan, Lord Pendleton? I was a clerk for Lord Estermont. Before."
—Loulia, to Morgan Pendleton at the Golden Cat

Loulia is a minor character who appears in Dishonored during the mission House of Pleasure. She is one of a number of courtesans working for Madame Prudence at the Golden Cat bath house.


Prior to the events of Dishonored, Loulia worked as a clerk in the office of Lord Estermont in Parliament. There she learned several obscure laws, such as conservative positions getting three extra votes in Parliament and the fact that said law does not apply during the Month of Timber.

Lord Estermont perished when an old sewer line running beneath his office flooded, and rats attacked him. This forced Loulia to seek other employment, and eventually she ended up as a courtesan at the Golden Cat.


When Corvo Attano arrives at the Golden Cat to deal with the Pendleton twins, Loulia can be found in either the Steam Room downstairs or the Ivory Room on the second floor of the pleasure establishment. Regardless, she will be encountered in the presence of Morgan Pendleton, discussing voting laws while massaging his hands. Due to her more worldly experience, she has a rather high sense of self esteem and even manages to impress Morgan with her knowledge, confidence, and capabilities.


  • Though never directly revealed during her conversation with Morgan, Loulia’s name can be discovered in the Golden Cat Guest Ledger.
  • She is aware of the problems with the pipes in the Steam Room, and will instantly know what is happening should the valve be used in the downstairs area of the Golden Cat. However, she will panic and not use the Golden Cat Master Key that hangs on a hook near the door.
  • If the door to the Steam Room is unlocked and opened by Corvo, and then the valve used, both Loulia and Morgan Pendleton will escape into the central bath area in the Golden Cat basement.
    • Once there, she will stand by the central pool and observe the water as long as she is not alerted, even if Morgan leaves the area via possession by Corvo.
  • While overall the same, her conversation with Morgan is four lines longer if they are encountered in the Ivory Room as opposed to the Steam Room.