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Alexandria Hypatia, dissecting a bloodfly.

Lost Student Notebook is a book found in Dishonored 2.


Today's lesson was most stimulating. We watched Dr. Alexandria Hypatia dissect a bloodfly, extracting the venom glands used in her Addermire Solution formula.

We learned over the mezzanine railing, stretching our necks to note her every movement. Working in her laboratory below, her gestures were precise, and she explained everything patiently, in a soft voice. She views bloodfly venom, treated properly, as a potential blessing to Karnaca and the Empire.

As a hopeless devotee of hers, I found it all hypnotic.

Spreading the wings with tweezers, she opened the insect's carapace with a scalpel and pinned it back. I chuckled to myself, remembering the awful mess I made dissecting my first swamp frog at the Academy. Dr. Hypatia collected the venom glands, dropping them into a preserving serum.

I hope someday I can return to Addermire, but as a doctor, working with Hypatia.


This book can be found on the upper level of the recuperation area, on the third level of the Addermire Institute, during the mission The Good Doctor.