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Lost Days at Shindaery: A Memoir is a book found in Death of the Outsider.


[Excerpt from Lost Days at Shindaery: A Memoir]

It started with hallucinations: Juana Gallardo screaming when her house vanished as she unlocked her front door. Miners returning from the depths with hair-raising tales of tunnels appearing, already quarried and cleared, beneath their pickaxes. But soon the entire town was awash in the unexplainable.

The first time I hallucinated, I was working in the Shindaery Mining Company's store, distributing supplies to prospectors fresh off the carriages from Karnaca. I pulled a head-lantern from the shelf and turned to hand it to a customer, but he was gone. The shop was gone. I was standing alone in a dust-swept street, amid tumbled ruins. It was North Quarry Town, but different, as if decades had pressed it into the earth. I blinked, and the vision dissipated. I was left befuddled, staring at a curious customer.

Soon, all of North Quarry started flickering in and out of existence. Talk to a friend and they'd disappear midsentence. Roll over in your bedroom and wake up under starry skies. We lost sense of what was real and what was illusory. And it worsened, the town disappearing for days while we camped in caves and spoke in hushed voices. It became unbearable. One by one, my neighbors fled to Cullero, Bastillion [sic] - anywhere but Shindaery. Soon, I was the only one left, wandering deserted streets alone.

I'd gone half-mad with loneliness, roaming mine shafts deep into the mountains, when I stumbled upon a giant Eye. It seemed to hum with power, beckoning me. And when I touched the Eye, understanding exploded within me. The invisible layers of the universe were laid bare to me. I left the mines a wiser woman, Shindaery's secrets a mystery no more. I witnessed no more vanishings. Forever after, the town remained stone solid for me.


This book can be found during the A Hole in the World mission in the headquarters of the Cult of the Outsider. It is in the large stone chamber converted into a makeshift library, on an upper area where four cultists are gathered. The book is next to a small painting both of which are on top of a small freestanding pile of tomes along the cavern wall.


  • The name "Shindaerey" is consistently misspelled in the title of this note and its transcript.