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Losing Deidre... is an audiograph found in Dishonored 2, recorded by Meagan Foster.


Now we're going after the one who started it all, the Duke himself. I forgot the thrill of it, planning drop-off points and picking the approach, thinking about the best ways to kill somebody who lives behind high walls. But with the excitement there's a black echo that comes back to me for what I did at Dunwall Tower.

If anyone deserves killing though, it's Duke Luca Abele.

I've loved a number of women and even a couple of men, but I've never loved anyone like my Deirdre. After I left home, those first years on the streets, she's all that kept me from the bottom of the river. I could sleep on a pile of garbage under a leaky awning as long as she was with me, sharing a tin of potted meat or a bottle of brandy that we nicked during the day.

The Duke and his little brother came through Dunwall, and Deidre and I got in their way as they stepped out of their fancy coach. The Duke goaded his brother, calling us wharf roaches, and it was the brother who swung the stick that killed her, splitting her skull.

There were wooden gazelles on top of the coach and I snapped one off and drove it into his eye as deep as it would go. Deirdre was already gone, dead as a doornail, lying in the muck and staring up at the gray Dunwall sky.

On the run after that, I was hunted by the City Watch and even members of the Grand Guard, up from Serkonos. People looked up at me like I was cursed, spitting whenever I got close. Everyone knew I'd bring trouble, even the gangs.

The Duke's brother has been dead for a long time, but now's my chance to get back at Luca Abele for setting him off against pretty young Deirdre. Nothing was ever the same for me after they took her away.


The audiograph can be found on the bridge of the Dreadful Wale, at the beginning of the mission The Grand Palace.


  • Although the title spells the name as "Deidre", the transcript spells it as "Deirdre", which is the proper spelling.