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This page serves as a collection of the various chapters of Lord Pendleton's memoirs in Dishonored. Locations can be found on the individual pages.

Chapter 27[]

Lord Pendleton Memoirs, chapter 27. In my thirteenth year, the despised stepmother at last departed, and Pendleton Hall was again quiet although Father had by then sunk into deep depression. It was at this sensitive time that Waverly Boyle first entered my life, she who will be source of many tender recollections to come.

Chapter 28[]

Memoir, chapter 28. Waverly, Waverly, Waverly. The very name sweeps one away. She came into our cold, marble halls and brought light and warmth. She changed our lives forever. It was only later I realized she was a traitorous little weasel, like all the Boyles.

Chapter 32[]

Chapter 32. As yet I have said little of my brothers, Morgan and Custis. Twins they are, and four years senior to me. Morgan is the larger of the two brutes, by a slight bit. From earliest memory they abused me in every way. I'm not the first to claim their elder siblings were cruel, but my suffering was unique, I promise you. At the tender age of five, they tied me to the crib, and set inside it a bundle of assorted vipers they had collected over several weeks. My howls - and my breathing - were muffled by a blanket, and so it was hours before the nurse found me, barely alive. I had kicked a few serpents to a pulp, and others had slithered away, but not before I'd been bitten a dozen times or more - on my legs, arms, and face. The wounds kept me convalescing for months, while those two got away with barely a tongue lashing! (Turns away from recording, breathless) Wallace! Bring me wine! (back to recorder, darkly) Tomorrow I will regale you with the special gift they gave me on my tenth birthday party.

Chapter 41[]

Lord Pendleton Memoirs, chapter 41. In which I bed two of the Boyle women, and only missed the third by virtue of some inclement weather. It was the Month of Rain, and to counter the gloom, the Boyle ladies hosted three nights of merriment by invitation only. Lydia was most fetching in lavender pants and a tunic of yellow silk. She was pleased with me from the moment I walked in the door – with my man servant bringing not one but two cases of effervescent wine from the south. In fact I had come laden with gifts, such that all three Boyle women soon took notice, and they set out to make me more than welcome. We uncorked the wine right away and as night fell we – (sound of something crashing) Wallace! Confound these interruptions! (Recording ends abruptly)