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Lights Out is a hidden achievement/trophy in Dishonored.

How to Acquire[]

Corvo Attano must deactivate at least 5 security systems on Kingsparrow Island. Alarms do not count towards this achievement. On a given playthrough, there are 6 systems that can be deactivated.

  • The two walls of light protecting the harbor-side entrance and the beach-side entrance respectively. The controls for both of these can be accessed through a hatch in the outermost wall, roughly halfway between the two entrances.
  • The two arc pylons, one below the beach-side entrance and one on the walkway leading to the lighthouse.
  • The watchtower set up on the beach.
  • (Low Chaos only) The wall of light located before the gate house in the courtyard. The whale oil tank is in the office above.
  • (High Chaos only) The generator wheel in the highest portion of the lighthouse. The whale oil tank can be reached with Level 1 Blink.

The system is considered "deactivated" when either the whale oil tank is removed or when the system is rewired. Any combination of these can be used to gain the achievement, as long as all five systems are in some way disabled.

Note that this achievement is not cumulative over multiple playthroughs, meaning all five systems must be deactivated in the same playthrough.