Lieutenant Valiente's dismembered body.

"A victim of the Crown Killer, no doubt."
—Emily Kaldwin upon seeing Valiente's corpse

Lieutenant Valiente is a minor character and a member of the Grand Serkonan Guard. During the events of Dishonored 2, he was stationed at the Addermire Institute where he became one of the Crown Killer's victims.


Some time before the mission The Good Doctor, Valiente came to suspect that Duke Luca Abele was using the Crown Killer for political means. He shared this with his wife Matilda, who begged him not to send a letter he had written to anyone before he returned home and could discuss it with her safely.[1] Because of these fears, Doctor Alexandria Hypatia viewed him as severely anxious and paranoid, deeming him "a danger to himself or to others." If she had time, she was going to prepare a dose of woodwort powder to help calm him down.[2]

Dishonored 2

Shortly before Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin arrive at the Addermire Institute, the Crown Killer attacked and killed Valiente. It dragged his dying body from the entrance to the Institute's office to a room off the side, there devouring his head and left leg. The remnants of his body can be found next to a note from Matilda that begs him to be cautious.[1]


  • The left arm found near Valiente's body registers as a decoration object, not an object with which the protagonist can interact. As such, it can be moved by indirect means, but cannot be picked up.



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