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Library Inventory & Upkeep is a written note found in Death of the Outsider.



Our referencing system needs to be reviewed as soon as possible. Bibliographical inconsistencies have been noted in several recent works, which makes study and citation difficult.

Some of the older texts have been gnawed at by rats and need to be re-bound. Make sure there's no mold in the pages before removing the damaged binding! The mines can be damp in unexpected places. Also, put down more poison. The first lot is clearly not working.

Have the latest accounts of 'Sanguine Infusion' use been sent to us? It is needed for our research. Repeated use of these infusions seems to have a deleterious mental effect alongside prolonged contact with the Void. It is of great interest. We must compare long- and short- term consequences.

One of the Eyeless in Karnaca has smuggled a letter along with the shipment of texts and provisions. It was examined and burned. Its intended recipient is unknown, but it appears to be from a loved one. We will find out for whom it was written and deal with them accordingly. For now, direct the Eyeless to seek out the smuggler. And the loved one.

-First Librarian Cervonero


This note can be found in the library on a desk near the cultists discussing theories during the mission A Hole in the World.