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Leviathan Company is a large corporation that appeared in Dishonored: The Veiled Terror.


Led by Miles Severin, the corporation is primarily known for its large-scale engineering projects. The Leviathan Company has also shown the capacity to conduct advanced researches in the field of natural philosophy, employing some of the best natural philosophers outside of The Academy of Natural Philosophy itself.

More recently, Severin has begun petitioning King Briam and Queen Eithne of Morley to pursue a project known as the Leviathan Causeway: a massive rail car network initially designed to connect Alba to Gristol, and later expand to all of the nations of the Empire of the Isles. With Morley controlling this network, which would significantly boost travel, trade and economy, it is hoped that the balance of power would be shifted from Dunwall to Wynnedown.

Leviathan Guards[]

Despite being a business, the Leviathan Company employs a large army of guards, numbering in the thousands. The composite of the various guards employed can be broken down to three main types:

  • Regular guards: The standard type of guard mainly patrols various rebuilding projects in Alba and the construction site of Leviathan Causeway - the crater surrounding the Royal Morley Observatory. They can also serve as taskmasters, often cracking down on union leaders, and it seems they have no problem killing anyone who is too outspoken. They wear unadorned black uniforms, black boots, and black garrison caps. Their primary weapon is the pistol.
  • Guards on refueling duty: These more specialized guards serve mainly to transport voidrite and to refuel the airship fleet as necessary. To protect themselves against the effects of voidrite, these guards wear thick rubber aprons and thick gloves over their standard uniform. In addition, the face is protected by a flat rectangular metal mask sporting a single porthole for vision. A bonecharm is strapped to each mask, directly below the portholes, the purpose of which is unknown. As with the regular guards, each is armed with a pistol.
  • Foot soldiers: These heavily armed troops wear black metal breastplates and bucket helmets. They appear to have a certain rank structure as officers can be seen giving order to regular troops. In combat, they are supported by ground assault vehicles armed with cannons, and flying warships.

Construction Workers[]

To rebuild Alba and construct the Leviathan Causeway, Leviathan Company employs thousands of workers. These workers hail from all over the Isles, and it is said that they are paid very well.[1] In truth, the working condition inside the crater is harsh, with many workers being overworked and mistreated.

Voidrite Miners[]

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In order to make use of gravity-defying property of voidrite and build an airship fleet, Leviathan Company kidnapped many workers and forced them to mine the dangerous Void stones.