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New statue of Jessamine Kaldwin in the Flooded District.

Letter to the Director is a written note found in Dishonored.


So that's it? We're closing down? After all these years? After we just unveiled the new statue of Jessamine Kaldwin? A broken wall and some rising water, and we're just going to abandon the building and split up our offices in the lesser districts?

Are you insane? Has your brain turned to plague rats? Have you been drinking the outsider's piss? Any of these explanations I would accept sooner than the relocation assignments we all found on our desks this morning. If this is truly how you plan to operate as our director, then no, I will not accept my relocation orders.

Consider this my resignation.

- Percival Cox, former Deputy Chairman, Rudshore Chamber of Commerce


It can be found in the Flooded District on one of the broken floors in Daud's Hideout.