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Overseer Franklin.

Letter to Overseer Franklin is a written note found in Dishonored.


Overseer Franklin, wasn’t it?

When we speak next I hope you will tell me two things.

First, what do the Strictures tell you about being imprisoned in a cell you could easily escape, were your legs not shattered?

Secondly, how your kind knew the location of our base, and what exactly you hoped to accomplish there by marching a hopelessly outnumbered band of fools through chest-high water?

- Daud


It can be found in the pit cell with the corpse of Overseer Franklin as Corvo Attano escapes imprisonment during the mission The Flooded District.


  • It is unclear why Daud asks the second question as it is revealed at the end of the Knife of Dunwall that it was Billie Lurk who had betrayed the gang and revealed the location of their hideout. This is likely an oversight in development.