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Chamber of Commerce Building.

Letter to Heather is a written note found in Dishonored. It holds the combination to the underwater safe in the Flooded District.


Dear Heather,

Hasn't Harold gone on and on to you about this treasure he's got hidden away? I thought he'd talk my ear off! He claims that it proves that he's got Imperial heritage, but if you ask me it just means that our wonderful rulers are buying favors from anyone these days! It's a scandal, that's what it is!

Anyway, you should go and see him. When he goes to show you the statue he's going to ask you to guess his safe code. (Goodness, he's such a bore.) So give him a sly wink and tell him it's 428. I only wish I could be there to see the look on his face when you get it right.

You know he fancies you, and he's got money. He may be small and dreary in conversation, no fun at all at dinner parties if you ask me, but he's got money. He has an apartment down by the Chamber of Commerce. Dreadful little hole; only door in is through the back courtyard, and it's smaller than my loft over by the waterfront, but anyone who can afford a place of any size in that part of town has to be doing well for himself.

- Amelia


The note can be found in an abandoned apartment during the The Flooded District mission, near the apartment with the weeper painting.