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Bonville's Body

Major Bonville's dead body.

Letter to Bonville is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


Major Bonville,
Thank you again for your help. Without you, it would have been impossible to trace the final members of the Grand Guard who were with Stilton that night, three years ago.

The last man had made it all the way north to Meya, if you can believe it, and was recovering at a Tyvian asylum for the poor, claiming to have seen all manner of strange things on the night of Stilton's last social gathering. He even described an exotic, hooded figure visiting the manor. Perhaps someone connected to Stilton's disappearance. Such matters are best left to military men such as yourself, I suppose.

I still have your bank agent's name and address. Rest assured, your final payment will be delivered soon. I'm also sending a small flask of a liquor that is close to my heart, made from the pomace left over after wine grapes have been pressed. Please think of me as you enjoy.

Yours truly,
Breanna Ashworth


The note can be found in a room in the building to the right with a bone charm at the beginning of the mission The Clockwork Mansion.