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Letter to Bloodfly Fever Patient is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


My sweet Albina,
How good to hear from you! When I left you in the doctors' hands you were so feverish you couldn't even say goodbye. The sting marks, so many of them; just remembering fills me with dread. I'm glad Dr. Hypatia could at least make the symptoms a little more bearable.

Now I don't want you to worry about those awful things you said. Of course you're going to be better, of course you'll survive! The children need you, and how could I go on living without you? Little Benito keeps having nightmares about bloodflies devouring our whole family, so I promised him you'd be back soon, and that no bloodflies would ever attack us again. We baked mulberry biscuits this morning, so I'm sending you a little box of them with this letter. I hope we'll be able to visit you soon.

Please don't give up! I love you more than anything.

- Jeremy


The note can be found on the counter just outside Doctor Bartholomeus Vasco's office at the Addermire Institute, during the mission The Good Doctor.