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Letter to Billie Lurk is a letter found in Dishonored 2.



I ain't know your address, so I just give this letter to a mudlark who knew the lay o'the area and hope for the best.

You and I ain't got no reason to like each other, but Fennick liked you good enough, so that's why I'm writing. Anyways, he's dead, and I thought you should know. It was that old wound, remember? It never did heal. We tried every kind of cure and poultice.

You know what I think? I think maybe the boss cut him. Maybe on purpose, maybe not. You know how it was back then.

Speaking of, I tried to find the Big Knife, but no one's heard a thing in years. Don't know if he's alive or what.

Anyways, outta respect to Fennick, if I ever see you, I won't kill you.

- Katrina


It can be found on the bridge of the Dreadful Wale just before the mission Death to the Empress.