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Letter to Amado Foundry is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


Please type and send this letter to Nora Amado Foundry:

Your idiot foreman just queried me thusly: Will any size do? Any size, he says! No, no, no! The components must be precisely the size specified in my plans!

I need assurances that there is someone at your facility who understands this; who will see to it personally that all the parts I've requested will be perfectly uniform, exactly sized, and composed of the requested materials. I will not pay a single coin until I have confirmation that my requirements will be met!

These parts are not just paperweights for my desk! They must fit together within a larger machine after they leave your doors.

I await your reply,

K. Jindosh


This note can be found on a desk in the Jindosh's office, which is above waiting room, inside the Clockwork Mansion during the mission of the same name.