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Letter to A Friend is a written note found in Death of the Outsider.



You don't know what you're getting into with this black magic. It draws you in with harmless things like sailor's charms, but then see what horrors the Eyeless make you do when you're too scared to leave. That's what the Outsider wants.

You didn't know I had a brother, did you? When were little, there was an old woman who lived by the dockyards. Ma said to run if she ever looked at us, but we didn't listen. She was ugly as a hagfish, but she'd tell us odd stories, and said her black-eyed friend would visit if we were quiet.

Then my brother went missing. We searched all over for him but we found no trace. That night I went to the old woman. that witch, and she had something awful-smelling in a pot she was stirring with all her strength. I asked if she'd seen him and she laughed, said yes, and showed me... She'd cut my brother up to pieces, nothing but bones and red flesh and the little scarf he always wore.

She'd have ground me up too if I hadn't run to the Overseers.

Get out of this cult while you can, before you're gutting someone's son our daughter to get the Outsider's attention.



This note can be pick-pocketed off Tomas, an Eyeless in the Albarca Baths, during the mission One Last Fight.