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The note on the small table.

Letter from the Tyvian Trade Commission is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


Our Most Esteemed Empress,
As you know, freight from Serkonos, bound for Tyvia, is now routinely set upon by pirates, or spoiled with bloodflies. In addition to the loss of Tyvian lives, be they crew, dock workers or shopkeepers, there is the material cost of the cargo itself, which can barely be calculated.

If things continue unchecked, we will be forced to cease trading with Serkonos, and perhaps to even embargo ships from the southernmost Isle altogether. But this need not come to pass. The Trade Commission is a reasonable body, and has already considered remedies to ameliorate the situation.

We seek the following:
1. Independent, qualified inspectors at all ports.
2. Patrols to defend against pirates and smugglers.
3. Compensation for the previous and future losses.

It is this list of remedies that I wish to discuss with you, in person, at the earliest possible opportunity. So far, your staff have resisted our efforts to establish a definitive time for negotiation. Prompt them to action, Majesty, for we are eager to travel to Dunwall.

Until we can sit down and discuss this in a civilized fashion, I send you our best.

Demyan Shurygin, Principle
Tyvian Trade Commission


It can be found on a small table in Emily's office in Dunwall Tower during the mission A Long Day in Dunwall.