Letter from Lucia Pastor are two different written notes found in Dishonored 2 and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Dishonored 2


Dear Dr. Hypatia,
I couldn't be happier about the news you gave me. The people here in Dust District desperately need someone like you.

I understand that you cannot see patients at Addermire anymore, and that it's too dangerous to go back to your apartment. I'll arrange something, we'll find you a safe place to hide and give free consultations, as you suggested.

I'll send word about it via the Miners Family Committee and some friends I have at the Silver Spike newspaper.

Welcome back to the city.

Lucia Pastor


The note can be found in Hypatia's room aboard the Dreadful Wale after the mission The Clockwork Mansion.

Death of the Outsider


Dear Director Michaels,

My name is Lucia Pastor, leader of the Shindaerey Miners Family Committee here in Karnaca. Recently, my charity’s resources have been stretched thin by a sudden influx of what we call the “fallen poor.” That is, people left penniless by sudden catastrophes. All these families have come begging at my soup bowl because of Michaels Bank. I’ve heard their woeful stories. Debt payments one hour late led to foreclosure. Having children violated some “bachelor’s quarters” lease requirement. Worst of all, attempting to repay debts in copper coin, rather than gold, cost a family their worldly goods.

These simple souls do not understand how cruelly you have abused and manipulated laws to suit your nefarious purposes. But they are not without friends! We at the S.M.F. C. will not rest until we have secured justice for the victims of your abuse.

-Lucia Pastor


This note can be found crumbled near the teller's desks on the lobby's first floor of the bank during the mission The Bank Job.

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