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Letter from Duke Theodanis Abele is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


I hope you're not spending too many days down under the earth, Stilton, my friend, sniffing for noxious fumes, or inspecting creaking supports. You've earned a better life, and I want to see you live it.

That said, I missed our weekly supper and hearing more about your plans for improving conditions for the miners. Much more interesting than the drivel I'm forced to endure in the course of a day. Promise me that next week you will regale me with talk of some new gadget meant to predict collapses before they happen, or what have you?

For me, as if uniting all the squabbling rivals in Serkonos were not enough, I've had another troubling letter from Luca's school. This time I'm afraid a young man was badly injured. Some schoolboy prank gone dreadfully wrong. But then, he's not really a boy anymore, is he?

I haven't made the impression on him that I wanted. Not even half. What will become of Serkonos when I'm gone?

Ah, I've burdened you too much! All will surely be well.

Until next week!


This note can be found during the mission A Crack in the Slab, on a desk in Stilton's bedroom in the past.